Exercises and Workouts – Have You Been Training Regularly and Want to Take Your Workout Up a Notch?


If you are someone who is interested in getting started in a running program, one term you may come across at some point or another is Fartlek training. What is this training and why does it benefit you? Let’s go over a few things you will want to know as you get started…

1. What Is Fartlek Training? Fartlek training is essentially an exercise form mimicking interval training without the structure. With interval training, you are going to run at a very intense pace for a specified period and then back off for an active rest period that is two to three times as long. Then repeated multiple times until the training session has been completed. With Fartlek training, there are no defined intervals. Instead, you are only running along at a moderate pace, and when you feel the urge to increase your speed, you do so. The more often you can increase your speed, the more benefits you will gain from your training session. It is designed to be a laid back way to increase your fitness at a point when you are comfortable.

As such, many runners find this training to be far less stressful because they do not have to be running at a certain speed. Instead, they are dictating everything.

2. Who Should Do Fartlek Training? Who is Fartlek training best suited for? It is perfect for anyone who has regularly been training and is ready to take their training up a notch. It is also good for those who are not quite willing to make the jump into structured interval training.

If you are a relatively new beginner, this training style is also ideal for you. Just pick up the pace whenever you can and when it gets too tiring, back down to your usual speed.

It can also be an ideal workout for those who are more experienced and looking to add a slightly lower intensity session into their week that is not as taxing as the rest of the workouts they have been doing.

3. How Do You Add Fartlek Training To Your Regular Workout Regime? So now you know what this workout is, how do you go about adding it to your schedule? It should be done once or twice a week, preferably on the day following a rest day. As it is going to require more intensity, you want to avoid doing it after a long duration run, or you might find you cannot put in the effort you were hoping to.

As you become more fit, you can add additional Fartlek training to your workout week provided you feel as though you can manage it.

There you have the most important points to know about this running training. It is one running workout you will want to consider as you progress along with your program.